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    İstanbul Center Office
    Levent Neighborhood Zambaklı street
    No:25 D:2 Beşiktaş / İstanbul
    Phone: 0530 333 90 52

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    Ukrain Center Office

    Office 1, building 76, Velika Arnautska street,
    Odessa city, 65045

    Phone Number: +380634722797

    Україна, 65045, Одеська обл., місто Одеса, вул.
    ВЕЛИКА АРНАУТСЬКА, будинок 76, офіс 1

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    Contact for press and mediainquiries info@katwind.com

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    Katwind service gallery

    Katwind Enerji Şantiye Yönetimi
    Construction Site Management
    Katwind Enerji İş Sağlığı Ve İş Güvenliği Yönetimi
    Occupational Health and Safety Management
    Katwind Enerji Kamu Evrak Yönetimi
    Cost Management

    500+ received service from us so far
    Modern designs on energy,
    renewable solutions

    Katwind Enerji Saha Yönetimi Ekibi
    Rotor Blade Control and Maintenance
    Katwind Enerji Operasyon Bakım
    Maintenance & Repair
    Katwind Enerji Lojistik Yönetimi
    Logistics Management