Akbük WPP

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Akbük - Katwind Energy

Project Information

  • Project Name: Akbük WPP
  • Project Location: Didim/Aydın
  • Number of Turbines: 2,4 MW x 5
  • Project Total Capacity: 12 MW
  • Service Scope: Field management
  • Planned End Date: – Term (Start – End): Completed

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Katwind Enerji Şantiye Yönetimi
Construction Site Management
Katwind Enerji İş Sağlığı Ve İş Güvenliği Yönetimi
Occupational Health and Safety Management
Katwind Enerji Kamu Evrak Yönetimi
Cost Management

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Katwind Enerji Saha Yönetimi Ekibi
Rotor Blade Control and Maintenance
Katwind Enerji Operasyon Bakım
Maintenance & Repair
Katwind Enerji Lojistik Yönetimi
Logistics Management